First Flyte - jumping back into Its Just Lunch

You may recall that a few years back, I had a wild ride with Its Just Lunch, a dating service. I'll post one of my most memorable dates from that time later...

Well, out of the blue, IJL called me last week and offered me three months free. I can only surmise they are out of women to set their guys up with. But I am not one to turn down free, so I said sure, let the adventure begin again!

Last night I had my first date. Alas, I won't be making fun of the guy, as he was a good guy, and we had a nice time. Unfortunately, he is an atheist, so there won't be another date. But I think he'll make someone a great date.

But I can rant about the restaurant, and I will! IFL had booked us a table at Flyte. I had not been there before, but had heard of it. It's a hipster place. On the plus side, the staff were all very nice and friendly. However, at 6:30pm, the lights were already at 8pm-like dimness, and the sunlight lasering through the front door meant that I could hardly see my date's face, he was so brightly backlit.

I picked up the 1 page menu and the 10 page wine list. I am not a super picky eater. But I am also not a frou-frou eater. The menu was all frou-frou (halibut cheek and jowl bacon sound appetizing to anyone?), mixed with things so down-to-earth as to be ludicous (a poached egg and a tripe dish for examples).

Here is the appetizer selection. The numbers are the prices!:

braised leeks, foraged mushrooms...9 fried green tomato, tomato gravy, chow chow...12

As you can see, the prices are exorbitant.

When I couldn't find any menu items I wanted to pay that much for, I actually looked at choosing a glass of wine. This is maybe the first time in a year I have even considered a glass of wine, as I don't typically drink. The options were overwhelming, and the prices prohibitive - the least expensive options were $8/glass. My date did end up choosing a glass of a dessert wine, after much travail, as he was not a wine connoisseur either. I finally settled on a bowl of gazpacho soup and my date chose a green bean and potato salad.

The very nice waiter brought out the wine, and I thought it was a taster. The glass maybe had 1/3 cup of wine in it. But no! This was the $15 glass of wine! Insane!

Okay. So, weird food, extreme prices. Then, the food came out. Were we accidentally transported to Lilliput? I received a ''bowl'' of soup that measured about 1/2 cup. My date received about 10 - 1'' green bean pieces, 2 marble sized red potatoes, with a quarter-sized fried onion ring. For $9. What in the world? My gazpacho was so supremely whipped, it was half air, and it wasn't that tasty.

As our waiter brought our checks, he brought a small salver with two cookies on it, each the size of a quarter. He beamed as he told us these sweets were on the house. At this point, I had to stop myself from laughing hysterically at the tiny size of the cookies. The chocolate was good, but the texture was too hard and crunchy, like a biscotti.

When I called IJL to give them feedback on the date, I asked them not to send me to Flyte again. This morning, I talked with the coordinator, and she said she looked up the menu, and was dismayed at the odd food choices and she laughed with me about it. They aren't going to send me there again. Whew!

Currently, I'm set up with another date at the end of August, but I may get a date scheduled before then with someone else. I'll keep you posted!


Kate, July 29, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

WOW! To me, it is always hard to choose food on the first few dates. Heaven forbid I slurp spaghetti on my white shirt! However it sounds like this restaurant doesn't serve you any food! So it must have been an awkward moment when you found out he was an atheist.

Thanks for sharing the story!

- Kate

Anonymous December 13, 2010 at 11:36 AM  

I'm cool with creative food, but I passionately can't stand pretentious restaurants! If they require reservations, it's probably not worth it to me.

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