Adorable white eyelashes!

I've been having a blast fostering 4 kittens that a feral cat had in our yard.

Actually, she chose the dilapidated boat that my landlord stores under our carport. It's really a great place for the kittens, with room to play, nooks to hide in, but hard to get out of until they can jump a good height.

I found them last weekend, after I heard suspicious mewing when I was getting into my car Sunday morning. The vet thought they sounded like 3-4 week olds when I described them. Their little faces are only about 3 inches wide, and they are adorable. They have bright blue eyes right now, which are really striking.

Trying to get a close up

Each day after work, I've been spending about 20 minutes with them. They crawl around like mad at first. Then, they get tired and curl up in my arms, tuck their heads down, and go to sleep purring.

Since my Meg isn't a lap cat, it's the most cuddling I've gotten in ages!

Sean is very conscientious about them. He is concerned that they are mewing, and follows them around, licking them a little, and trying to shepherd any who wander away back to the fold. I asked him to lay down and let the kittens lay next to him. They love climbing on him and pawing at his thick fur!

The good kitten sitter


Hats Make Me Happy

Hats Make Me Happy
An Easter Hat and Me

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