An unexpected treat - Tin Pan South

I have enjoyed Tin Pan South a few times since being in Nashville. It's a songwriter's conference during the day (which of course I haven't participated in) and then at night there are many shows in music venues around Nashville. The shows are stripped down, just the songwriter, a guitar and microphone, usually with 3-5 people sharing the stage and taking turns sharing and singing. It's a great time to see the songwriter's behind the songs, to hear a bit about the writing process, and to celebrate music with lots of music lovers.

Last year and this year, I haven't been able to go, because I'm penny pinching. But at the end of the day at work yesterday, a friend offered her pass to me so I could go to one of the shows going on that night.

I ended up going to Douglas Corner Cafe (short on the cafe part, great sound, and they set it up in the round which was perfect for the intimate nature of Tin Pan South) off of 8th Ave S. OK, so I drove up and down and around about four times past the cafe, not able to see where it was. Get a better sign, guys! Finally, I just parked in the "neighborhood" and walked, knowing I'd see it better than when I was driving.

Here's the line up of who I saw -Rhett Akins, Scooter Carusoe, Brandon Heath, Lee Thomas Miller ( I decided to go to this one because of Brandon Heath - I have one of his CDs and I really like his voice.

I bought a small notebook from the dollar store across the street, to keep me occupied before the show and to scribble on during the show. I sketched the pic above near the beginning of the show. There was a pre-teen girl sitting up on an unused amp in front of me watching the show. She had a Santa hat on - I'm not sure why at this time of year? She was part of a unit of younger kids and a guy dressed, hatted, and facial haired like Elvis Costello, who seemed to be friends with Brandon Heath or maybe related to him? based on snippets of conversation I overheard as they milled around me before the show.

The quote from Lee Miller at the top of the sketch was part of his introduction to the show and the artists. Miller was quite hilarious, and seemed so at ease with himself, his fellow songwriters, and the world. He was a great host.

Well, I'll write another post of my scribblings during the show. I didn't want to make this one go too long. But it was such an unexpected treat to be able to take part in this year's Tin Pan South, even just for one show.


Hats Make Me Happy

Hats Make Me Happy
An Easter Hat and Me

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