The view from here...

Autumn in Nashville - here is a view from my neighbor's house looking at my house. We've got 4 big trees in the front yard - maybe 5 - and they all turn color and drop leaves in the fall. This was taken the same weekend I did the cold frame; now, most of the leaves have dropped. We've got TONS of leaves! Our neighbors get the best view :)

I am trying to get some Swiss chard going. I got this as an established plant... we'll see how it goes! It's supposed to be a cold weather veggie.

I'm happy to say that the collards are making a comeback now that the weather is cooler and the bugs aren't eating them up like crazy. Yummy!

I'm also trying baby bok choi... the sad thing is that you have to harvest it a leaf at a time. If you cut off the full head, another won't grow in its place. Again, I got these as already established plants, so hopefully I can keep them going!

Amazingly, my flower garden is still alive! In the next few weeks, it will probably start to die out. But it's fun to have color this late in the season!

Since it's gotten cool, I changed to my winter bedding - a feather duvet, with this lovely satin-y duvet cover and pillowcases. Meg has been so cozy - she finds these little spots to curl up in, and loves lounging on my pillows. Don't you want to be a cat? They find the best ways to be comfy and cozy!

Here she is in her "nest". Ahhh... Comfort!


Hats Make Me Happy

Hats Make Me Happy
An Easter Hat and Me

Step into my inner world.

Sometimes, I hesitate to share thoughts that flit and emotions that surge and wane. Yet I so value when my friends share these insights with me. I get to know them in a special way.

So I invite you to get to know me - or continue knowing me - through this space of exploration.

I promise to reveal some of the joys, fears, observations, profundity, and ironies of life that come to mind day by day.

Don't forget to share with me your own inner sphere!

"To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting." - e.e. cummings