Percy Warner park on a Sunday

I went hiking on Sunday with Sean to Percy Warner park. It was the perfect fall day, and the park was full of people enjoying the weather and photographers capturing holiday snaps of families.

There are these steps leading up to the trail. They kick my butt.

(photo borrowed from

I promised myself I would go slow and not worry about going slow. As in, not beat myself up for having to stop for breath many times up the steps.

On Sunday, going slow was a treat, as I got to enjoy some special people and dog watching. But my friends know I have to remember to look up, as I look down when I'm walking much of the time. So, I was looking down at the steps, when I hear a little girl belt out "see that girl". I look over to see a 4 year old, curly-headed brunette, in her element, jaunting down the steps, punctuating her progress with phrases of song.

I recognize the lyrics, but I'm trying to figure out what song it is.

See that girl
a few steps
Watch that scene
a few more steps
She is the dancing queen
step and repeat...

I can't believe it - she is singing "Dancing Queen" from Abba! Then, to make the moment even more awesome, her dad joins in!

Can I tell you I love it when dads are silly with their kids. My dad was really great at that. Somehow, men who all of their single lives wouldn't be drug onto a dance floor because of terror of looking silly, will, when they are dads, jiggle a jive with their toddler in front of Trader Joes' main entrance, mindless of people coming and going (also on Sunday). Or sing Dancing Queen with their 4 year old daughter as much of Nashville mills around the park.

And I love to hear little girls before they get self-conscious. Who sing a song with so much moxie. Before they are so old they need to be intoxicated to do it, in a tacky karaoke bar.

See that girl!

She is the dancing queen!


Anonymous November 2, 2009 at 10:22 AM  

Yes, it's such a special time with our little girls. Of course, it helps that, at that age, they think daddy is super-cool no matter what he does :)

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