The Perfect Weekend Breakfast

This is my ideal weekend breakfast:


1. Gorgeous flowers from my own garden - the roses actually SMELL like ROSES unlike supermarket ones that smell like air conditioning.

2. A book I am enjoying, on my book stand from college, so I can read with fork and knife in hand.

3. Cute napkin (this one has a "T" on it...for "Tina". Wild, I know!) I got this for cheap at TJ Maxx.

4. Fresh hot coffee. The weekends are the only times I have coffee in the morning at home. On weekdays, I wait to have it at the office.

5. Bacon. My favorite is a nitrate/nitrate free, natural dry rubbed type you can get at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods - it is 40% less fat than regular bacon but it is more of a "real" bacon than "regular" bacon anyway!

This weekend's breakfast was the more easily available center cut bacon. Still usually 1/3 less fat and pretty good taste.

6. Over easy egg and buttered toast. These go together. This one got too hard in the middle. But what I like best to do is to pierce the yolk and squidge it around on the toast like it's jelly, then put the mangled egg white remains over the yolk, and eat it. An open-faced egg sandwich. These are cage-free brown Egg-Lands' Best eggs. They are so good and good for you! Much less cholesterol than usual eggs.

7. Behind me, a window, so I can read with natural light.

8. To the side of me, my parakeets, talking and singing while I eat.

9. Below me, my dog Sean, waiting for the meal to be over so he can lick the plate. He knows the sound of me putting down the silverware. It says, "Tina is done. Now I can lick!"

10. Off in the hallway or on the hardwood floor in front of me, Meg lays, wondering when she is going to get any attention.

11. NO CLOCK WATCHING!!!! I love not wearing a watch as much as possible on the weekends. This is an integral part of an ideal breakfast. Drinking my coffee slowly as I read. Finishing up when I want to get up, and not before.

12. Did I mention another important part of the ideal breakfast is sleeping in?

There you have it. My ideal breakfast. At least when I'm making it at home. If I'm out, I wrestle with also wanting pancakes (blueberry or chocolate chip?) and biscuits with sausage gravy and maybe some grits. MMMMM. I like breakfast!


Anonymous August 8, 2009 at 12:21 AM  

Wow, I think that's my ideal breakfast too! Do you have a Trader Joe's? I have to admit that I might be slightly jealous if you do :). I've been praying that we would get one in Austin! I love that you put the pics of the nitrite free bacon and the free roaming eggs, my ideal too! You are too cool!

Tina B August 8, 2009 at 12:44 AM  

We do have a Trader Joe's! It opened last year I think. I love it! I had never experienced it before. We must have breakfast sometime together :)

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