Dream, the night before my interview

UPDATE 7/19: I forgot one of the best parts of the dream!!!!! As we walked around on our second date, bonding, I find out that he has a dog. A Border Collie. (Now, you have to know that I am wary about Border Collies because they are soooo high-energy and need a lot of interaction with their owners, or they usually are neurotic and uncontrollable and I think that's just exhausting. Another big part of this is that the breed has been far overbred, resulting in a lot of small, runty, unstable pups who are raised in tiny apartments or homes without any outlets. I am however, a fan of people who do train their Border Collies to do amazing, fun things like agility, flyball, herding, frisbee, etc.) So, I hear him say this, and I coach myself not to show that I am not thrilled about spending my time with a wack-o dog, who would also be very likely to terrorize Sean. But then he tells me that his dog is in a program that rescues killer whales, where the dogs swim beside the whales. The actual process of how they rescue the whales was not shown, but I saw - maybe he was showing me on his phone - a video of his black and white dog in the water with a water animal. The animal looked much more like a seal or otter than a killer whale, but you know how dreams are. Of course, I am STUNNED and so excited that he is 1) that into his dog, making us that much more compatible, 2) that he is involved in animal rescue, 3) that he helped train his dog to be part of the program! I am really impressed with his dog, too. 

Here is a dog whose natural psycho athletic abilities are aimed at a frisbee - wow!

Guess what? There are dogs who are involved in killer whale research! One was a special guest at a killer whale rescue fundraiser: ''We’re also delighted to feature Tucker, Seattle’s very own orca-poop-sniffing dog, as our keynote speaker who uses his keen sense of smell to help scientists learn more about Orcas.'' The dogs are called Conservation Canines! AND, here is a picture of a Border Collie Conservation Canine!
 Rescue Dogs

OK, this is long, but fun. I hope you hang in till the end. I want to dedicate this story to my star-crush and long fantasy storytelling heroine, Kristin Werner.  

Woman at Road Sign reading Inspiring Words -"It's Your Choice" - Fine Art Print 8x10


"It's Your Choice" by Danny Phillips


I dreamt that I was using a dating service, that was kind of like a reality show, too. They told me about a guy and asked if I wanted to meet him, and I did want to meet him. He sounded interesting. The service set him up with me and another woman they had chosen. We each would have a first date with him, and then he would choose if he wanted a second date with each of us (and if we wanted that). We were being filmed some as we prepped for the dates, and given beautiful, flattering, feminine flowing dresses and perfectly enhancing jewelry, hair styles, and makeup. I didn’t dream about the process of getting ready much, just that I felt that I looked as good as I get. The service set up the details of the date like where it would take place.

The other woman was a tall, slender brunette, in a vivid red dress in a light, layered, sheer chiffon kind of material. Even though I felt pretty good about myself, I felt that she was in another league - in looks, a knockout compared with an average jane - and that it was unlikely that he’d choose me over her because of that*. I was very aware that I was overweight, but wanted to at least give it a try in the small chance that he would want to go out with me again.

So, the guy ends up being Kevin James:
OK, in my dream, he wasn’t the Kevin James, the famous actor and comedian, he was a businessman who was very funny, and his name wasn’t Kevin James (I’m going to call him KJ, though, b/c I don’t remember what his name was). I really liked that he was round and cuddly looking like me, and that I felt small and petite with him. I liked his happy grin and humor, was attracted to him, and felt really comfortable with him. The ironic thing is that I have never thought a whole lot about Kevin James in my real life. It’s not like I’ve had a star-crush on him - you know, like with John Cusack (if he could lose the wacky beliefs and psychology he has). I’ve never dreamt of K.J. before that I remember. Weird, huh? Must be a side effect of enjoying ‘’Here Comes the Boom’’!

After our first date, I was really excited about a second date. I told the service I wanted a 2nd date. It got set up, and I was nervous. The details were that I was supposed to meet him at a hotel bar, that was easy to see from the hotel entrance, and then go on the date. It was in a big city I was unfamiliar with, in a huge fancy hotel, that was in a major shopping district, like the Miracle Mile in Chicago. When I got to the hotel, it was this sprawling multiplex like it was a mall on its own, with many major entrances and at least 3 bars!!!

I was frantically trying to figure out the right one, and they were so far from each other, and I was skittering on slick floors in my heels, getting more and more flustered. It got later and I was probably a half hour late by the time I got to the right place. He had been there and had waited for at least 15 minutes. I guess part of the reality show was that neither of us knew for sure if the other person was going to come for a 2nd date. That if the other person didn’t show, then they didn’t want to meet again. He’d been there with some of his closest friends as moral support and to meet me and give him their opinion of me (supposedly, this same scenario was going on with the other woman, too). The friends were still there, and they were pissed that I’d been a no show, and made him feel bad b/c he thought I didn’t like him and that I was rude to stand him up. They said he was gone, and said it like they were glad he hadn’t been strung along by a callous woman.

I was crushed, and so frustrated that I had done everything I could to get there, and that I DID want a second date!! I started to plead my case with the friends, that I hadn’t been playing with his emotions. I was going to ask them to please call him and let him know I hadn’t stood him up, and see if there was a chance to redeem the date.

Just when I was about to give up even trying to talk to them and go home in despair, the hotel’s glass and chrome door slid open, and KJ walked in, looking great in a dark suit, but his expression was wary and guarded. When we got close, I told him how sorry I was, that I’d been trying to get there forever, but the dating service hadn’t explained which entrance / which bar I was to go to, so I had to check all of them. When he heard that, he relaxed, and said, ‘’So you did want a second date, huh?’’ with a wry smile. I was able to relax, too, as his friends took in that he was okay and they could relax their protectiveness. (A lot of relaxing)

We left the hotel and were walking down the glossy street, lined with light globes and the energy of a place like that. We started talking about favorite places and I think Austin and Nashville were all mashed up in the dream, and we had a great time sharing and getting to know each other’s tastes and styles, and having things in common. I don’t remember a whole lot more of what we did, except that as we talked, I was drawn more and more to him, and felt giddy and got a big urge unexpectedly, to cuddle a little. I was surprised at myself, b/c (in the dream) I usually feel nervous about physical contact with guys and don’t go there quickly. I was beaming up at him and we were laughing a lot and just gelling so well. Without thinking, I reached out and put my hand on his arm and squeezed it affectionately. Then, I thought , oh, no! He’s going to take this as me being easy and good with going to bed with him that night. But, he put his arm around my waist and drew me close to his side, and teased me, saying, ‘’So, does this mean you’d like a kiss?’’

I thought, well, I’m not sure about a kiss yet, but a bit of cuddling, yes! I put my arm around him and squeezed back, and we both seemed to enjoy that the other person was squeezably soft (like Charmin!, hee hee), and we walked on, all warm and cozy.

Man, that turned out to be a fabulous dream! Now, where to find my cuddly teddy bear of a funny smart good guy... At least in my subconscious I found one.

And, the fight through adversity to get to a great date sure must be a good omen for the job I’m applying for, right?

*Ironically, I just looked up what K.J.’s real life wife looks like, 
and she IS a skinny (even when pregnant) knockout 
brunette in a red dress (at least in this picture):
oh, and here he is with another slender (though shapely!) knockout brunette:


Anonymous July 20, 2013 at 11:15 AM  

I LOVE your dream, Tina!!! KJ is awesome... Zoo Keeper, Paul Blart Mall Cop, Here Comes the Boom: some of my favorite movies! I just saw Here Comes the Boom and it was really inspiring (as far as preparing great lessons at school... I've been in that burned-out-just-show-up-for-school-and-do-as-little-as-possible state plenty of times). I love the hope and perseverance that presented itself in your dream. You are one strong woman, Tina! I've been studying Ecclesiastes at church (meaningless!) and yet, the book has a ton of hope and reminds us that God is good, but He hides the future from us - He's in charge and we just need to trust/hope in Him and enjoy the good things He brings. "When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future." E7:14 "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil - this is the gift of God." E3:11-13 I am praying for that job with all my heart (satisfaction in your toil!)... and for a guy like KJ (at least as nice as he is in the movies) too! I love you, Tina Joel! -Susan

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