A Little Red

 Let's pretend that I got this hat for Valentine's Day instead of for Christmas, as I'm late in writing about it. I found this cutie at an antique shop. It has this cool beading (above) that looks rather art deco. The silhouette of the hat is simple, so the color is what stands out, along with the thick soft corduroy material contrasted with the wide satin ribbon. I didn't like how it looked with my hair down, or fully pulled back, so I just tucked most of my hair underneath and let the long front layers sweep down.

 I really enjoyed going to the candlelight service wearing the festive hat. They bring joy to people's faces - there is just a sense of delight in hats that I love evoking. It makes wearing a great hat a triple delight - there is my joy in wearing the hat, someone else lighting up when they see a fun hat, and then my thrill in their reaction!


Hats Make Me Happy

Hats Make Me Happy
An Easter Hat and Me

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