A Color Smorgasbord

(I just realized you can click on a picture in my blog and it will enlarge so you can see details!)

Last night, I picked my first bouquet from my garden! It is so much fun to have my own flowers gracing the house with their beauty. Here are some pics of them:

Aren't they happifying?

I also finally took some pics of some cards I made when I was hanging out with Katie the other night. I don't know how to take pics the best way, so these have a bit of glare I'd like to have avoided, but you can get an idea of them.

I had so much fun trying out some new ideas, lots of really great stickers, and stamps.

This one is done with dimensional stickers and some ribbon on a colored cardstock card. I used rubber stamps on the envelope and inside of the card with stickers - that's the second image:

Here is one with a "nature walk" theme - the owl is so cute!

With this one, I broke out some vellum tags I've had for a long time and hadn't figured out what to do with. I stamped the "for you" on it and then went over it with a fine tip marker. The rest are stickers!

Here is the inside:

Now this one is one of my favorites, but the lighting was just not working well. It's much cuter in person! It's very simple and the yellows are so happy! The sticker on the back of the envelope is raised and has a little black silhouette of a bird that matches the sticker on the front of the card. I again used one of the vellum tags. I put a silver grommet over the hole in the tag to match the frame of the tag.

Inside of the card...

Here is another fun yellow one - it uses one of my favorite stamps, a little bird with lots of flowers coming off it like star sparks as it flies! I kept it to a simple color scheme, yellow and a soft blue. I used a grommet on each corner to add some dimension to it. The rubber stamp on the envelope says "inspire":

And my last creation I just had fun with - I painted the background first in watercolors, then stamped the bird image, added grommets, and layered the whole thing with a soft lavender shade against the purple card. I feel like this one had so much peace about it.

Hopefully you'll be inspired to do some fun creative stuff yourself and share it!


Hats Make Me Happy

Hats Make Me Happy
An Easter Hat and Me

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