Artsy Sheltie

Ever since I got Sean, I have become a big fan of Shelties. He's just the best dog! So in honor of my boy, and taking an idea from Katie's eye-candy blog post, I thought I'd highlight some really fun Sheltie arts from We'll see how many I can fit in one post!

First is this absolutely gorgeous watercolor Sheltie - it makes me want to learn how to capture the personality and joy of a dog in a painting:

another by the same artist - I see this pose a lot with Sean!

a lovely graphite pencil drawing of a Sheltie by Glenda S. Harlan - since it isn't in color, it looks more like Sean:

"Dawn" - Really cute painting of shelties looking over their domain at dawn by Todd Young - I love his other pictures too - he calls them "modern folk art" - so cool:

Poppies - another by him - I may have to get these two sometime!

I want to have Christmas cards made with this image, Sheltie's Tree also by Young:

Kudos for imagination and use of color

If I had a kid, I'd have this in their room. It's so detailed and colorful and imaginative and would allow for a lot of daydreaming. Actually, it's growing on me more and more!:

Party Sheltie - I don't think I would want this unless it was a card image, but it is very well executed, don't you think?

Dream Sheltie Collage - I wish the actual face image was done differently - it is a little spooky in this shade of red I think. But it's really a cool collage:

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the Shelties - don't you want to run out and foster a rescue or something? Me, too!


Anonymous July 6, 2009 at 6:35 PM  

Who knew there was such a selection of sheltie art? I like "Dawn" and the watercolors. Pretty cool

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