Mesmerizing Personality and Scintillating Strengths

Learn - and Celebrate - Who You Are

I love learning about personality. I've always felt very "different", and after studying personality types, I can see why - my type is really rare and often has trouble growing up with feeling different! It also helps me understand my friends, family members, and co-workers, who often think in such different ways than I do. It gives me insights into what stresses us out, how we might be able to bridge the communication gaps, and be more empathetic to each other.

I have become a big fan of the Myers Briggs type indicator and resources that describe personality using that instrument.

If you would like to delve into this interesting and always insightful subject, here are some favorite links:
Overview of the personalities.

In case you wanted to read about ME :) Here is a portrait of an INFJ. - this is a user-
friendly site with good descriptions and I think it helps you figure out what
your type might be.

I just got this book and it is so helpful. I've been looking for a book that dealt
with this subject forever. It is how our personality types warp under stress.
It can be a real life saver to read the parts pertaining to your type and those
who are closest to you -
Was That Really Me?
: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality

A great book that helps people see what work tasks and environments might be
the most satisfying for their personality is: Do What You Are.
Also great for counseling friends on career changes, or ways they can help their
current work situation be more enjoyable.

A blog that I like about MBTI (Myers Briggs) is here.

Which brings me to another area I love that is closely related - it's not
personality, but

I highly recommend anything by Marcus Buckingham. Especially
Now, Discover Your Strengths and the companion Go, Put Your Strengths To Work.
Here is the website for this set of books, with lots of interesting goodies on it.

My friends Katie and Brad found a book by another author that deals with this
same topic from a ministry perspective. But I don't remember what the name
of it is...



Anonymous June 30, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

Interesting stuff, and amazingly insightful. This line cracks me up from personality pathways, though :)

"Since it is considered a breach of professional ethics to administer an MBTI ® without person-to-person follow-up verification by a qualified practitioner, none of the free 'MBTI type' inventories on the Web are the 'real thing.'"

I'm thinking ... "a breach of professional ethics" -- really?? C'mon, just give us the tests. We won't complain. Or is there another, more obvious, reason? :)

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